Wednesday, 30 June 2021

The Rice Ball in a Fruits Basket

When I was in my early twenties, I was going through my 'I'll watch anything if it's anime' phase. I remember often buying random anime DVDs if the premise of the show sounded interesting enough to me. One of these shows ended up being the original 2001 anime of 'Fruits Basket'.

I watched the whole series, which sadly only covered a small part of the manga, so I ended up reading the manga too. I think it's possibly the only long-running manga series' that I ever managed to finish reading from start to finish. I was hooked on the touching storyline and it's something that just really stuck with me since.

When they announced they were making a new anime that was going to cover the entire manga story, I was incredibly happy. It was definitely a series I wanted to see fully animated, plus it had been so long since I read the manga, I didn't really remember all of it, so the new anime allowed me to once again relive this amazing story. 

The rest of the blog will contain minor spoilers for the series, but I've tried to keep them at a minimum so not to spoil too much.