Sunday, 5 July 2020

Crossing and Coronavirus

Like quite a lot of people, Animal Crossing is proving a godsend for getting me through the pandemic year of 2020.

I'm no stranger to the game. The first Animal Crossing game I ever played was Animal Crossing New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS. It was recommended to me as a game I would like, so I got it and was hooked on it for months. So as you can imagine, I was very much looking forward to New Horizons on the Switch, unaware of how much I was going to end up relying on this game to help distract myself and get through one of strangest years I've ever experienced.

That said, we're only through just over half the year. There's still five months of 2020 left. The pandemic and the resulting ‘new’ normal could even go on beyond 2020.

This is a blog about my personal experience with the Covid-19 lockdown and social distancing, as well as what I’ve been doing on Animal Crossing to help my anxiety during it.